Crimson Snapper Whole Round

By. Najih - 28 Feb 2023


Crimson Snapper/Goldband Snapper Prestipomoides multidens


In Singapore, known as Ang go li popular for cooking curries, the fish head contain anti inflamatory properties which strengthens the immune system.

In US, known as Crimson Snapper . In Australia known as Goldband Snapper popular for cooking Grill, Pan-fry.  We have to cut into fillet Boneless first before preparing the dish. In the grocery store goldband available in frozen fillet skin on in Individual Vacum Pack with many  variety of size 6/8 oz to 12/16 oz with two styles of cutting, Natural and Portion.

Goldband Snapper has a slighty firmer texture than Red Snapper, the flash remain flaky, moist and Favourful.

In Ecology Goldband also  known as tropical snapper is type of deep water fish that inhabits both tropical and sub tropical waters such as The Java and Bali Sea in Indonesia. Catch by Handline, Longline, and Gillnet Methods with available range of size 1-5 kg.

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