Juli 6, 2022

The Economic Growth – How It Works In The Community?

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Indonesia with its strategic geography position is a blessing. We have potential resources with the large biodiversity in Marine and Forestry. In Marine, there are so many resources species of fish that have potential market such as Chepalopoda, Crustacean, Demersal Fish and Pelagic Fish. Arafura Islands and its sea are the ecology of nursery and fishing ground of some economic species with high value and market, which are listed as below:

  1. Chepalopoda, they have Loligo sp
  2. Crustacean, they have mud crab Syillia cerata.
  3. Demersal Fish, they have Snapper, Grouper, Emperor and others reef fish.
  4. Pelagic Fish they have King fish, Indian Mackerel and others.
  5. All types are available in large quantities.


The Variety of Frozen Product :

1. Chepalopoda
a. Squid Whole Round
b. Squid Whole Clean
c. Squid Ring

2. Crustaceana
a. Mud Crab Half Cut

3. Demersal Fish

a. Scarlet Snapper Fillet Natural and Portion Cut Skin On
b. Grouper Fillet Skinless Natural and Portion Cut Skinless
c. Emperor Fillet Natural and Portion Cut Skinless.

4. Pelagic Fish

a. Indian Mackerel Whole Gutted
b. Spanish Mackerel Cutlet.


Different prices according to different grade quality and values, which are :

Life fish, Chilled Fish, Frozen Fish, Dried and Salted fish.


The Process is handled with Food Safety Programs, HACCP and Quality Assurance Management.


In the community, Social inclusion means that the community should be took a part of manufacture resources in order to get high value of the product. That’s the reason why the community should:

  1. Coached about how to handle raw material in order to maintain the quality.
  2. Have knowledge about how to grade up the quality.
  3. Skill about how to produce Finish Good with the high quality.
  4. Have a commitment in food safety management by follow the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice.


This process will continue if it’s carried out with the appropriate steps such as good manufacturing with the high quality of product, he community empowerment, with the high skill and good profit, the commitment to maintain the ecology, sustain and renewable resources.

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