Desember 4, 2022
Foreign Trade of Seafood Industry’s Concern.

Foreign Trade of Seafood Industry’s Concern.

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A fishery company in carrying out trade abroad (Export) is of course ready with the required legalities from both exporters and importers.

In this case an example for marketing to the USA

The main concerns considered by customers usually are assurance of the factory or  Fish Processing Unit such a importance things to be provided such as:

  1. GMP (Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices)

Issued by Ministry Of  Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Directorate General Of Product Competitiveness

The process of managing GMP submits an application at the Office of the Marine and Fisheries Service, there will be explained what documents must be prepared

  1. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

Issued by Ministry Of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Fish Quarantine and Inspection Agency (FQIA)

Could be process by online to “honespbkipm”

Before process HACCP, we have to prepare Manual HACCP base on Name of Product and it’s flowing process.

  1. U.S. FDA Registration (Food & Drug Administration)

Issued by Department of Health & Human Services – USA

Exporter have to use U.S. FDA Number if shipment to USA.

Another requirement that related should be also considered is the quality of carrier and/ or handling assurance during their transportation from factory to customer address.

The current condition of transportation of Fishery products using reefer container for export since covid-19 pandemic is scarcity of Reefer Container.

The problem of scarcity of Reefer Container is caused by the pattern of demand and delivery that occurred during the covid-19 pandemic where there are fluctuations in demand for shipping space around the world, the unequal type of import and export containers is also the cause of the scarcity of container, the imbalance in the need for 40 Ft container for export and container 20 FT for imports, dependence on foreign MLO fleets and unavailability of space on board.

The dynamics of shipping that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic underwent a change where at the time, the concentration of supply of ship capacity and container priority for exports from China, there was a buildup of containers due to port operational disruptions due to lockdown at several international ports and international MLO have reduced the number of voyage.

Logistic problems currently experienced by Indonesia, are the main driving commodity (key commodity factor) as driver of logistics activities has not been coordinated effectively, there is no commodity focus that has been determined as a national commitment, and the volume of export and import trade has not been optimal.

In addition, regulations and policies are still partial and sectoral, accompanied by the low level of law enforcement, the ineffectiveness of cross-sectoral coordination and the absence of institutions that become the integrators of national logistics activities.

Accordingly, this information is conveyed, hopefully it will be useful for entrepreneurs who are just starting to run a business in the field of fisheries.

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