Bluefin Tuna vs Yellowfin Tuna

By. Nevanda - 21 Feb 2023

img - Bluefin tuna is the largest tuna species, it is also called as Pacific Bluefin Tuna or Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Bluefin tuna is considered as the largest tuna on earth because they can grow up to 1500 pound or 680 kg. They are migratory fish and can be found around the world. Yellowfin tuna is a quite large fish but smaller than bluefin tuna. They are mainly seen in the tropical seas. Yellowfin tuna also known by the name ‘ahi’ , it is originated from the Hawaiian language. Tuna is one of the apex predators in the ocean. Despite their large size they are a fast swimmer, they are often described as “missil-like, with streamline body”.


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Younger bluefin is easily mistaken as an adult yellowfin, but there are few trait that can set them apart
1.    Bluefin pectoral fin does not reach past the beginning of their second dorsal fin. Yellowfin is known to have longer pectoral fin.
2.    Bluefin underside of body is silver with uneven line, while yellowfin also has silver underside but they has bright yellow lateral line.
3.    The second dorsal fin of bluefin tuna is mixture of grey and yellow, while yellowfin’s second dorsal fin is bright yellow.
4.    Bluefin tail is dark blue, meanwhile yellowfin has yellow and grey combination on its tail.


Bluefin tuna mostly inhabit the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, while the yellowfin mostly inhabit tropical and subtropical seas, like Indian ocean. They are migratory fish so they don’t have one static habitat.


Both bluefin and yellowfin tuna prey on small marine animal. This include small fish like sardine, mackerel and herring, crustacean, and squid. 


Bluefin and yellowfin are the most prestigious fish because of their delicious taste meat. You can easily find them on the high end restaurant menus. Instead of bluefin tunas, yellowfin meat is more leaner with lighter taste. Yellowfin meat is a great quality fish meat and they are a great choice for sashimi or steak. It can be said that yellowfin is more affordable than bluefin.


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