5 Health Benefits You Can Get From Eating Octopus

By. Nevanda - 12 Apr 2023


lauttimur.comOctopus is rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s also low in fat, making it a great source of complete protein for people trying to manage their weight. This can depend on how it’s prepared, however. Frying it or cooking octopus in butter or oil can add extra fat and calorie content to your meal. 

About 85 grams of cooked octopus offers 51.42 g of moisture, 139 calories, 25.35 g of protein, 1.77 g of total lipid fat, 2.72 g of ash and 3.74 g of carbohydrate. It also offers 1275% of DV of Vitamin B12, 138.55% of Selenium, 101.38% of Iron, 69.78% of copper, 56.64% of lysine, 50.70% of protein, 42.38% of Vitamin B6, 39.53% of histidine, 33.86% of phosphorus, 26.07% of sodium, 26% of zinc, 20.08% of niacin, 15.30% of vitamin B5, 12.51% of Choline, 12.14% of magnesium, 11.40% of potassium and 10.86% of Vitamin A.


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Some added health benefits of including octopus in your diet may include:  

1.    Treats cancer
The deficiency of Vitamin B12 is the cause for breast cancer. It could be prevented by the intake of food rich in vitamin B12

2.    Formation of hemoglobin
Iron is vital for the hemoglobin formation. It helps to provide the shade of red to the blood. It assists to transport oxygen to the cells of the body. 

3.    Hair benefits
Protein is essential to maintain the healthy hair and also to prevent from damages. The study shows that protein has vital role in the growth of hair.  


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4.    Brain health
Phosphorus is vital for the cells of brain as well as its functions. The adequate amount of phosphorus enhances the brain functions and cognitive development. The deficiency of phosphorus increases the chances of cognitive malfunction as well as dementia.

5.    Reduce stress
Vitamin B5 helps to treat mental ailments such as depression, anxiety and stress. It stimulates the mind fitness and regulates hormones that cause these conditions.


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