Woman Empowerement in Seafood Industries

By. Kusni - 17 Mar 2023


Indonesia wit its strategis Geographical Position is blessing.

We Have many potential resources with  large biodiversity in marine Ecology.

The Climates, The Sea and The Islands create The Ecology of Nursery and Fishing Ground of many high value seafood product such as Chepalopods, Crustacean, demersal and Pelagic Fish. They have high demand at overseas market and of course it can create the Economic Growth in the community.

How it can works? there are many step we should do

1. Fair Trade

In seafood industries there are many categories of seafood product depend of its quality  and prices ; life fish, chilled fish , frozen fish, and dried and salted fish.

Fair Trade means there is a different prices in different grade of quality, and the process should be handling by Food Safety programs, HACCP as Quality Assurance Management.

2.Community Empowerement 

The Community  specially the woman which their caring characteristic have a potencial skill we should doing coaching programs to  improve the skill how to handling taw material properly,how to running fillet quickly, how to do sanitation procedures with hygenic standard, how to make the cutting the fillet nicely .

The Community should have knowledge about the quality grade standard and every people have awarness how to maintain the quality in order to get  good quality and off course there is a high prices for high quality product.

3. Sustainability

Doing  the Fair Trade, Empowering The Community and all these process carried out with Good Manufacturing Practices our goals is Sustainability, everyone have commitment to take care the ecology.

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